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A blog dedicated to asking me (Sam Winchester [the Moose]) all your lovely little questions. Ask anything, any line may be crossed, and you will get an answer 99.9999% of the time, unless you're just rude or something.

Anonymous asked: Uh, don't really mention you heard it from me. I'm trying to lay low, get back in touch with the world. I've actually taken to working around as a human, very nice. I was working at a flat bread stand not to long ago, fun times. Being up in Heaven makes you a bit disconnected from everything, not to mention having hundreds of children constantly around asking you for help every minute. I'm still working off that headache. ♥God

Wow, I never thought God was so…down to Earth. So you’re cool with Gabe and I being together? He always said God was never concerned about this kind of thing but I don’t know, I wanted to hear it from you.


Anonymous asked: You'd be surprised what Nordic mead'd do to your senses, besides, it's all fun and games. We've been doing poker night for millions of years, my boy, if it bothered anyone that I was all knowing, they wouldn't be there. I'm sure Gabriel remembers poker night, took him once or twice; kid had a talent for playing. ♥God

I’ll have to ask him about that sometime. I’m sure he’d love to tell me his tales of poker nights with the gods.

I can’t believe I’m talking to God. Wow.

This job, meeting all these people, this doesn’t get old ever.


Anonymous asked: Aw, isn't that cute, and it's good he's given up on being Norse. Tell him not to try that again, will ya? We lost half of the poker table after that little escapade....♥God

God plays poker? Aren’t you like, all knowing? Isn’t that cheating?


Anonymous asked: I'm here and there, and no where at all. Had to step out for a while, let the kiddies handle their own business. Though, I'm glad you and your brother are doing good. You Winchesters, good bunch, a little stubborn, but hey, who isn't? How is my little messenger anyway? Still going around pretending to be Norse? ♥God

Gabriel has more or less given up on it. He works now and then with some witches, just to keep tabs on the demons but he tends to stick close to us now. He’s pretty protective, almost violently so. Jealous too. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was kinda cute.


Anonymous asked: Only Gabriel? Huh, well, can't say I'm surprised he caught your eye. *cough* Not that anything's wrong with Gabriel, he's a good kid. Rather have you and him going for it than Lucifer. Love him to death, but that boy has some issues he needs to deal with. Always with the whining. ♥God

Oh my—um, nevermind. I just can’t believe I’m talking to God. Wow. Wait, Gabriel doesn’t have issues, well no more than anyone else. He’s a sweet guy, quite literally. Guy has an issue with sweets, but I guess you already know that.

Wait, where ARE you?

Not that it’s any of my business…


Anonymous asked: So, uh, wow, this is awkward, but I think you're having sexual relations with my kids.


Wait, I’m sleeping with Gabriel.


Anonymous asked: No Sam, it means you have to dress up as the Queen of England while I waltz around in my birthday suit. ಠ_ಠ What do you think? - Gabe

You know, if I wasn’t attracted to you and your pancake making skills I would find your sarcasm annoying.

But as I am very much attracted to you, we shall both be naked, and after I gt my pancakes, I’ll show you just how greatful I am. ;)


Anonymous asked: Depends if it's going to be a mutual deal here. It's only fun if there's two or more participating in a naked pancake fiesta. - Gabe

Does that mean I have to be naked too?


Anonymous asked: Selling yourself away so easily? I should probably make you pancakes more often if that's all it takes to have you. - Gabe

Aw Gabe, you know you’re special.

Does this mean you’ll make me pancakes in the nude?